1. A Tragedy in Progress (Across Five Aprils) Release Title Track featuring As I Lay Dying Vocalist

    After debuting the title track (Mechanical Weather) of their new record at idobi.com Radio on the Rock the Walls program Saturday night the band has made the song available on YouTube. Prominently featuring Josh Gilbert of As I Lay Dying on guest vocals, Mechanical Weather is the final track off the band’s new record. The album, contains 13 songs that were tracked at Echelon Studios with Joseph McQueen. The record hits stores and online through Indianola Records August 28th . The band has previously released “The Human Condition” here http://youtu.be/FUB0igQLwrY ,“Better Left Alone”http://youtu.be/BFZAgbidh4Y and “Unwilling to Settle” http://youtu.be/vlzTDDhga0s.

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